1. The Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament

Saint Peter Julian Eymard and the Rule of Life (excerpts).


Peter Julian Eymard was canonized in 1962 by Pope John XXIII at the end of the first session of Vatican Council II. St. Eymard's spiritual journey began early in his life and it brought him to serve the Church in many various ministries. He first responded to God's call to service as a diocesan priest; and after a short but intense pastoral ministry in his home diocese of Grenoble, France, Father Eymard joined the Society of Mary (Marists).

From his youth Father Eymard always maintained a solid devotion to Mary; and joining the Marists seemed inevitable. For 16 years he shouldered major responsibilities as a Marist. During this time he became aware of a eucharistic movement that had mobilized the energies of a number of people with whom he shared his friendship and interests. Soon he himself was captivated by the great love of Christ as manifested in the Eucharist. Before long he was consumed by this mystery. Thus, the Eucharist took hold of his life so completely that he left the Marists to establish the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (S.S.S.).

This Rule of Life expresses Saint Eymard's eucharistic inspiration and the mission he outlined for his companions. This Rule of Life is the spiritual handbook for members of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. However, it is being made available to anyone who is intent on deepening his/her spirituality. <...>

Father Eymard died in his home village of La Mure d'lsere in 1868. He was 57 years old. His feast is celebrated on August 1.

Saint Peter Julian Eymard and the Rule of Life. Published by Blessed Sacrament Communities. P. 3-4.


I. Captivated by the Love of God

1. Our Name and Purpose

The Lord has called us in His name to live together in the Church as brothers.

Inspired by St. Peter Julian Eymard, our Founder, we form the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, a religious institute composed of priests, deacons, and brothers.

Our purpose is to allow the mystery of the Eucharist to take hold of our lives so completely that we will live this mystery and proclaim its meaning. Thus the reign of Christ will be established and the glory of God will be revealed throughout the world.

2. Our Founder

Saint Peter Julian searched for an answer to the religious ignorance and indifference of his time. He found it in the love of God manifested in a special way in the gift of Christ in the Eucharist. He was overwhelmed by this love and he declared it to his contemporaries. <...>

Our Founder was convinced that the Eucharist could take hold of our lives when we dedicate ourselves to God and mankind. His own life was a model of contemplation and apostolic service.

Saint Peter Julian's intense life of adoration, his apostolate focused on Mass and communion, his efforts to encourage people to adore the Lord in the setting of exposition, his untiring ministry, especially his solidarity with priests and the poor, indeed his whole existence witnessed to the gift of himself to Christ.

3. Our Mission

Our mission, modeled on Father Eymard, is to respond to the hungers of the human family with the riches of God's love manifested in the Eucharist. <...>

We participate in the mission of the Church by our form of life and our ministry. We celebrate the Eucharist in truth and assist the faithful to grow in intimacy with the Lord by a prayer of adoration before the Eucharist exposed. Hence the faithful will endeavor to renew their Christian communities and struggle to liberate people and society itself from the forces of evil.

We stand, in solidarity through the Spirit, with the poor and the weak against anything which degrades human dignity; and we proclaim a more just and peaceful world as we await the coming of the Lord. <...>

5. Our Community

The Love of God and our vocation place us at the heart of the Church, in communities where charity shapes our relationships.

Responsive to the Spirit's invitation and attentive to the needs of society, our communities are to be places where prayer, reconciliation, and celebration are seen as signs and leaven of the unity which the world seeks.

To attain this ideal we make profession of religious life according to this Rule of Life.

Saint Peter Julian Eymard and the Rule of Life. Published by Blessed Sacrament Communities. P. 5-7.