Religious Situation in the Netherlands

Plan of the Project

The main task of the Religious Situation in the Netherlands project is to develop the relationships between Russia and the Netherlands in the religious sphere.

The multiple cultural and educational projects related to Russian-Dutch relationships help us better understand the lives of both states and provide us with valuable cultural and social experience. The role of religion in the formation of modern states is important and this project's main goal is to emphasize this importance.

Despite the fact that religious situation of both states developed in different historical circumstances, one can speak of certain similarities and possible points of connection of religious lives in Russia and Netherlands. There are, of course, different priorities and it might seem that the religious situations differ significantly in both countries. However, if we turn our attention to the modern religious situation in the Netherlands, we will notice major changes in the last 30 to 40 years. We can see now the increasing membership of traditional religions and of new religious movements too.

How does religion of the Netherlands look like? What ways does it offer to a modern man? What are the relationships between the followers of different religions? How is the dialog between various religious movements and the "outer" world made possible? What kind of the social projects are various religious organizations involved in? All these questions are important. The answers to these questions will help us not only to see ways of a closer relationship between the two countries, but also to make the dialogue between the "secular world" and the "church" more productive.

Directions of the Project:

1. Information: to create an English-Russian information server "Religious Life in the Netherlands" ( that would include the history of religious life in the Netherlands, the description of the present religious situation, the estimation of the current state of affairs by the Dut˝h researchers in religion, to present essays on various religious movements emerging on the territory of modern Netherlands, bibliography of works in English, Dutch and Russian languages, a collection of links to Internet resources on religion.
2. Publishing: to publish works by Russian and Dutch researchers in religion.
3. Cultural - enlightening - to conduct exhibitions, conferences and other activities.

The Project will last for 3 to 5 years. Its aim is to vasten the sphere of dialogue in the religious life of the two states.

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The head of the Project is Marina V. Vorobjova, scientist of Religious Studies. Tel. 7 (812) 910-73-34, e-mail:

At the moment the Project has no financial support. We will be glad to any help from you. E-mail for contacts is: