Religious Art of the Netherlands:

Architecture photoexhibition

1. Description of the exhibition

Religion is a phenomenon which rises a human-being in his creative work to the level of a Co-Creator, that is making him be like the Creator. Religion fills art with inner meaning, gives it an unusual shade which distinguishes religios art from any secular one. Religios art is the art of seing God's will in everything around us. It is nothing but a sermon: the sounds of this world hidden inside the stone of the temples and inferred in the colours of the frescs sometimes sound more profoundly and eloquently than a spoken word. The spirit of a nation, its beliefs and hopes, its power and abilities are all reftected in religious art.

Speaking of the Netherlands we remember eminent artists who gave the world magnificent works: Bosch and van Eyck, Rembrandt and Rubens. Rijksmuseum and Mauritshuis are not the only treasuries keeping marvelous masterpieces of art that made the kingdom of Netherlands famous all over the world. In the Museum Catharijneconvent, Utrecht you can see those of unknown authors that are showing us our thoughts and prayers to God. Religious art embodied in architecture, painting and sculpture is an essential part of the Netherlands, and their unique image makes you stop and pieously exclaim: "Magic are Thou deeds, O Lord!".

The Netherlands of our days have many various traits that join together in an organic whole. Here you can see Catholic and Protestant chirches situated next to each other, and people of different confessions are always open for a dialogue with each other. Aiming to such dialogues not only among these churchmen but among all people that live "outside the Church" is an amazing feature of the Netherland. The terms "the Church" and "the profane world" here often get entwined reminding of the medley architectonic "looks" of the country.

This exposition is made as a part of a "Religious Situation in the Netherlands" project. It is dedicated to the architecture of the Netherlands.

2. Contents of the exhibition

This photoexhibition consist of the 21 photos which include following:

1. Cross and bell at the monastery of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (S.S.S.), Nijmegen.
2. The former Catholic monastery of China's missionaries, Nijmegen.
3. The St. Joseph Carmelite's Church on the Keizer Karel square, Nijmegen
4. The Catholic Church, Tilburg.
5. The St. Stephan Church (St. Stevenskerk), Nijmegen
6. The former monastery's garden at the Dom Cathedral (Dom Kerk), Utrecht
7. The Dom Cathedral (Dom Kerk), Utrecht
8. Inside one Catholic Church, Tilburg
9. Inside one Catholic Church, Tilburg
10. The fresco inside Dom Cathedral (Dom Kerk), Utrecht
11. The Grote Kerk, Breda
12. The Annunciation Day. A fresco from the Cathedral Grote Kerk, Breda
13. The gravestone at the Grote Kerk, Breda
14. The Dom belltower (Dom Kerk) and Dom Cathedral (Domtoren), Utrecht
15. The Dominican Church of Nijmegen
16. The stained-glass window at the St. Joseph Carmelite's Church, Nijmegen
17. The conventual yard of beguines, Amsterdam
18. The conventual yard of beguines, Breda
19. A Chinese Church of Amsterdam
20. Parliament building (Ridderzaal)
, Hague
21. The chapel Volkhov (Kapel Volkhov), Nijmegen

Marina V. Vorobjova,
specialist in Religious Studies

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