Resources in the Internet:


J.R. Ritman Library Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica. The Library of Hermetic Philosophy in Amsterdam (eng)


The Bible Theme Group in Groningen (eng, nl)

Institute of Eastern Christian Studies (eng, nl)

Theology and Religious Studies Institute

Titus Brandsma Institute. Institute for the scientific study of spirituality (eng, nl)

The Institute of Indian Studies of the University of Groningen (eng, nl)

Faculty of Philosophy Groningen University (nl, eng)

Faculty of Philosophy Erasmus University Rotterdam (nl, eng)

The Franciscan Study Centre in Utrecht (nl)


Jewish Historical Museum (eng, nl)

Religious Communities and Organizations:

Advent (nl)

Antroposofische Vereniging in Nederland (nl)

Antroposofie in Haarlem (nl)

Nederlandse Baha'i-gemeenschap (nl)

Beth Yeshua / Amsterdam (nl, eng)

Brahma Kumaris Spirituele Akademie (nl)

BoeddhaNed (nl)

Liberal Judaism in the Netherlands (nl, eng)

NewAgeNet (nl)

Syndesmos Nederland (nl)

N.I.K. - Organisation of Jewish Communities in the Netherlands (nl)

Orthodox Peace Fellowship (eng)

Reiki (nl)

The Reiki Page (nl, eng, etc.)

School voor Sjamanisme (nl)

Sjamaan (eng, nl)

Temples, Monasteries:

English Reformed Church (eng)

La Verna, Franciscan center for spiritual development (eng, nl)

Orthodox Klooster Joannes de Doper, Den Haag (nl)

Russian Orthodox Church St. Nickolas of Myra in Amsterdam (rus, eng, nl)

Trinity Baptist International Church (eng)

Parish of the Icon of the Mother of God "Quick Hearing" in Rotterdam (rus, eng, nl)

Orthodoxe Parochie H.H. Eersttronende Apostelen Petrus en Paulus in Deventer (nl)

Orthodoxe Kerk Van De Heilige Panteleimon in Kollumerpomp (nl)

The Church of St. John and St. Philip in Hague (eng, nl)

The Church of Christ, Amsterdam (eng, nl)


Sekten (Cults) - De Vlaamse Sekten-Site (nl)

Islam/The mysterious illness of the Prophet Muhammad identified (eng)

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